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Cryptocurrencies have significantly impacted the online casino industry, with 47% of operators accepting different coins. More than 80% of the crypto gambling is carried out with Bitcoin, with a 10% share going to Ethereum and 6% to Litecoin. Given the current popularity of crypto gambling, Shazam Casino has integrated it into its platform.

Let’s dive deeply into the Shazam crypto mechanism, its secure gaming environment, the bonuses, and other benefits.  

The Advantages of Shazam Casino Bitcoin Gaming 

Since Shazam has gone all in on crypto acceptance, players can deposit using Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency on the market. 

There are several advantages to using Bitcoins while gambling in Shazam Casino.

  • Transactions in Bitcoin casinos are anonymous, providing enhanced privacy for players.
  • Crypto transactions typically have a lower price compared to traditional payment methods.
  • Its decentralized nature allows for a larger volume of deposits and withdrawals.
  • Bitcoin is not tied to any specific country or banking system, enabling players worldwide to participate.
  • Shazam Bitcoin Casino ensures transparency and fairness in game outcomes.
  • Bitcoin’s blockchain technology enhances the security of transactions, reducing the risk of fraud or data breaches.
  • Players can access Bitcoin casino trading on various devices, including smartphones, making gaming convenient.

Shazam Casino: A Safe and Secure Gaming Environment 

Shazam Bitcoin Casino is a safe and secure gambling platform that takes players’ privacy seriously. The platform collects personal data, such as names, email addresses, contact information, etc.

To protect user data, Shazam Casino stores it in a database protected by a password and state-of-the-art firewall software. With the implementation of a 256-bit SSL encryption, the Casino also makes it mandatory for its affiliates, subsidiaries, and agents to enact robust security measures. 

Last but not least, this Casino also keeps minors from their platform since it’s illegal. If Shazam learns that a minor has attempted to access the platform, they remove that minor’s information and don’t allow them access.

Shazam Casino Crypto Bonuses 

Since Shazam welcomes cryptocurrency, it provides multiple giveaways for people who make crypto payments. Let’s look at some of the Shazam crypto bonuses in detail:

Welcome Spell – Up to $7500 Bonus

This pack works for slots and table games if your first 3 deposits are above $25 or above. You can get:

  • 250% on the first deposit;
  • 200% on the second deposit;
  • 150% on the third deposit.

However, those who make their deposits in cryptocurrency can get 50% exclusive from Shazam, which is an enticing deal.

Daily Spells – Up to 260% Bonus 

The Daily Spells Bonus is active on Mondays 3 times per day and has the following mechanism:

  • cashback 135% by depositing $25; 
  • win 165% by depositing $50;
  • get more than 185% by depositing $75;
  • 210% from $100;
  • 240% from $150;
  • 260% from $200.

Shazam tops up the deal with 20% for those who make these deposits in Bitcoin.